Zigurats city welcomes government representatives

Zigurats City welcomes members of Caminho dos Ipês Regional Governance Body

The City Zigurats, located in Corguinho (MS), hosted last Wednesday (16), meeting of the Regional Governance Instance Caminho dos Ipês. Zigurats is the headquarters of Dakila Research, considered the largest internationally recognized scientific research association in Brazil. The meeting was attended by government representatives of tourism and the private initiative of […]

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Dakila researches the stars in South Africa

Dakila research anomalies of stars around the world

“The movement of stars is totally different from what astronomy tells us and is incompatible with the spherical shape of the planet, corroborating and supporting the Terra Convexa research,” says Urandir Oliveira, researcher and president of the Dakila Research Association. According to him, this can already be proved with the material collected by Brazilian and foreign researchers […]

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Mayor of Campo Grande Marquinhos Trad and Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira - Citizen Title Campo-grandense

Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira receives title of Citizen Campo-Grandense

Ovated by the audience, Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, president of the Dakila Research Association, received, yesterday (21), the highest honor that the Campo Grande City Council offers citizens who provide relevant services to the community: the title of Citizen Campo-grandense. The solemn session took place at the People's Palace of Culture and was part of the commemorative […]

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Kion Cosmetic Line wins award at Caras Castle

Kion Cosmetics is the winner of the “Trophy Awards 2019” at Caras Castle in the United States.

Kion Cosmetics, which has its origin in South Mato Grosso lands has just received a great international recognition of quality. The beauty products manufactured by BKC - Brazilian Kimberlite Clay - chaired by businessman Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, were the big winners of the “Trophy Awards 2019”, an event that is held annually at Castelo de Caras, […]

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